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{ ring-ring!... OH! It's my ringtone! }

Anime, Games, Jpop, Misc Ringtones & Wallpapers!!
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A community where you can make and share Anime/Games/Misc ringtones, walls and sounds! =)
Welcome eeverybody to My Ringtone! =)

♥If you like anime/games & classical music, this community is ideal for you. You can make your own ringtones from your favorite anime/games series and share with other people. Yo can request too, but, how ut works?, well, I invite you to read the rules of this site...


♥Respect the others members.

♥If you want to request a ringtone, please be especific and if you have the song that you want to be "ringtoned", put a link to download it. If you don't have the song, especify from what anime/game o classical master piece is the song, artist and album. Please, if you'll include a MP3 link, f-lock your post.

♥If you'll post ringtones, please put in your post your ringtone embed, by this way the other members can listen it and decide if they want to download it or not. We recommend YEHPLAY or IMEEM for this operation. Remember: In your post you have to upload the ringtone and the embed file (or a link to it).

♥All ringtones must have a 30 seconds aprox. as máximum duration.

♥When you post, put a little description of your ringtone.

♥Anime/Game sound are allowed too, but all of them must to be sounds, no ringtones. Think in a sound for a recived SMS, for example.

♥If you'll download any ringtone, don't forget say "Thank you!" to the user that posted it.


Internet Audio Mix. This is a bascis, but great program to edit MP3 and mix. Ideal for ringtones. HERE is a little tutorial to learn to use the program.

ImToo WMA MP3 Converter. This program is great to convert any audio file in MP3 =)


♥If you'll make a ringtone, you must be it well: good sound, good mixing, creativity and your own effort.

♥For the posts, you can follow this entry example.

Don't forget read this community profile

Now, in this comm, you can share cellphone wallies! n_n

You can make your own walls and share with others.


1. All cellphones are different, so you have to be especific in your posts and indicate the size of your wallies: 128x160, 176x220, 240x320 or other, but always indicate the size.

2. The wallies must be nice. If you're an icon maker, you know what I'm talking about ^^

3. Use the lj-cut if you'll post more than 3 wallpapers.

4. Use a good image storage web, like Fileden, Imageshack, or other similar and prevent hotlinking. You can make animated wallies, static or what you want ^^

5. Tag your walls. Check the tag list. If the tag that you're looking for isn't listed, don't worry, wait for a moderator or solicite a tag.

6. All wallpapers must be of anime, manga, games or something nice/cute ^^

7. Enjoy creating, sharing and download wallies =)

8. You can request too!! If you have an image, please, upload it in a server and post the link in a f-locked entry. Be especific and somebody will make the wallie that you want ^^

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